Solo voice
Preliminary Look at Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “Pied Beauty”
– Baritone Solo (1980)
   A solo setting of one of Hopkins’ nature poems

Solo instrument
Paragraph for a Wordsmith – Clarinet in A (2009)
Something understood Clarinet ( 2019 )

Partita pour piano (2011)
Deuxième Partita
pour piano (2014)
   Though not formally written as a pair, these two partitas complement one another,
   the first more serious, the second more playful

Air et Badinage Piano ( 2019 )

Algorithm  Percussion solo (2011/12-2016)
   The main work in this piece is undertaken by the marimba and the vibraphone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               RRésonances Violoncello (2018)

Trouvé sur un pont inconnu Flute (2019)

Songs with Accompaniment
Prairie Conversation
– 2 voices [Alto, Baritone], Cello (1970/2015)
   A brief, laconic, Midwestern duet

The Applebush
– Voice, Piano (2003)
   A successful attempt by Alasdair Macdonald and me to write the worst Lied ever composed 
   Never performed, alas

Song-Set No. 1
– High voice, Piano (2008) Also available for Low Voice, Piano.
   The four songs in this set can be performed starting anywhere, but must continue in seasonal order

Song-Set No. 2: Fem sånger till dikter av Arthur Landfors – Low voice, Piano (2010)
   This set was written for and performed by Åsa Olsson in 2013 and 2014

– Low voice, Piano (2011)
   This is a short scena on a serious, even political, theme
Words –
High voice, Cello ( 2019 )

Sur un poète moderne Low voice, Piano (2017)
   A short sonnet by Verlaine excoriating the poet Leconte de Lisle                                                                                                           

À Arthur Rimbaud Low voice, Piano (2018)

Choral music
Missa Aestiva – 
   Commissioned and performed by the Salt Lake Vocal Ensemble (1989)
   Published by Paraclete Press, 1992

A Sentence for All Souls
– SSAATTBB (1992)
   This short piece uses the closing text of the Requiem as its material

. S, Organ (1994)
   Performed Clare College Choir, Cambridge, 1999
   [Luther’s German text also available]
   This often-set text is actually a Scottish translation of two verses of Martin Luther’s Von Himmel hoch, and is for
   unisone choir ( optional solo ) and organ

Alleluia Verses SATB (2011-14)
   These three short pieces are settings of psalm texts, with alleluias, used for the Gradual in the mass

Veni sancte spiritus/Komm heiliger Geist, Gott und Herr SSATB (2013-14)
   The macaronic texts for this piece come from the Latin text for Pentecost and Martin Luther’s German paraphrase of it

Alleluia: De profundis SSA (2015)
   This is a simple Alleluia verse as used as a Gradual

Chamber music
Second Essay for String Quartet

Trio for Piano, Violin, and Cello
Trio No. 2, for Piano, Violin, and Cello

   The second of these trios is a reworking of Ex umbra, for Violin, Cello, and Harpsichord, 2015

One, Two, Three
String Trio. (2017)

   A choreographic set for String trio, three dancers, and three chairs.

Equale per quattro tromboni, “Academic Discussion in Groningen”
ATTB Trombones (2006)
Equale per quattro sassofoni, Tre frasi di Dante
 – SATBaritone Saxophones (2015)
equale is a piece writter for equal instruments, usually wind instruments.
   Beethoven wrote three for four trombones. The first here was written for and performed
   by Quatrebras and the second commissioned and performed by the Keuris Quartet.

Music with orchestra
Concerted Music for Viola and Strings

A Deep Dark Sleep (2018)
   Written for Konstantin Koukias and Tyrone Landau